Tis the S-curve experience via @fitbuzz




It’s all bikini season, OOTD and OOTN attire over on all @fitbuzz social media profiles.

But here on the newsletter <, we tend to take it one step further than what you see there.

We have that covered when it comes to becoming S-curvish (Morebuzz > Hall of fame).

But we need a place for the ‘travel-curvish’ YOU.

We’re still testing things out here on this page. But the goal is to…

Give yourself a bucketlist destination to aim for when you start to become S-curvish.

> Show you some super duper destinations (They really are out of this world… Still on planet earth though).

> To live… Actually being in these places really does open your eyes on how you can live a certain part of your life.


***Remember… ‘Our’ thing is unique, less popular/quieter, yet super duper bikini-curvish

This is a part of the S-curve lifestyle that you deserve to be a part of. Seriously.

Becoming S-curvish… Travel-curvish (We do it a little different… Better, than regular folk… Hehe :D).

Just… ‘Experience’.

Oh… And don’t even try to get a beach workout in, if you’re in holiday mode.



The experience will suck you in and you won’t even think about the workout when you visit travel-curvish destinations.

I personally tried several times in the past 18 months or so. It doesn’t work.

So just prepare to ‘experience’.

You can make use of the following links below, while we work on making this page a little more ‘epic’.


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