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The S-curvish Gamergirl


The following excerpt is from the S-curvish gamer girl Facebook page (Also linked here).

But let us tell you why/how this page came into existence…

#1 Many of our S-curve members and associates… Are into gaming… Going to events like Comic Con and dressing up as characters when Halloween hits.

#2 You see stayfitbug.com… That’s our main website. And over time.. It has always attracted gaming websites.

A) Maybe because we are gaming nuts ourselves. And from day one… Have been unable to keep that interest, out of our content. > Like…

B) Just like cars and girls. Games and girls has become a ‘thing’ in recent times. We of course… Have focused on making women look and feel like the best versions of themselves, since 2010-2017 ENTIRELY/EXCLUSIVELY.(Becoming S-curvish and living S-curvishly. And so… The interest started to come our way.


That excerpt (Our story)

We started off as a ‘fitness focused’ solution for men. You can read the back story here…
But over time. We have evolved into an S-curve Experience. Which basically means, to live the BEST version of your current day life.
For most people. That means fixing ones mind/body. And taking Travel-curvish 2.0 trips (Destinations that are 2-4 hours away, for 2-4 days).
But almost everyone has outside interests, other than ‘fitness’.
On this page. We’re focused on the S-curvish gamer ‘girl’. And all things surrounding that.
Yes… It’s true that we help men as well now. But women rule. When it comes to presenting what the S-curve experience IS @ pics/videos.
NOTE: For all those involved… Our goal is to make YOU… More popular than ever!
We love holiday season in gaming world. This page will keep you updated with all the Holiday season games. What ROCKS… WHAT SUCKS…etc, etc, etc




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