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S-curve Partner Program (Coaching)

Today… People have shown that they are more concerned in business. And how WE have been winning in business. And how others within the S-curve Xperience have been winning too.
They want this… To secure an income stream and to live an improved lifestyle.

Just like you see in these videos…

And so… It only makes sense to offer an official coaching program… To add value to the already existing S-curve Partner Program.
What you get,,,
– Shaun Sinclair as your mentor
– Access to all of the 11 years of experience running stayfitbug.com
– 11 years of insights of seeing what has worked for interviewees, associates businesses and others
– 11 years of feeling the things that do not work (We still revisit those  to test today though… As things change)
$49 is our kick start price.
We’ll gradually roll out an official pricing structure over time.


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