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S-curve Experience (Items)

This is our new Amazon page.

This is where you’ll find EVERYTHING that you’ll possibly need, within this S-curve experience.


Hit the link: >> Our new Amazon page <<

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Dig into the categories and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

On this page though… We’ll explain the reason why some of the items are there.


The two camera’s inside Travel-curvish

When you dig into our Amazon page above (Travel-curvish section), you’ll see 2 cams.

#1 is for Travel-curvish pics (Sony A7R II) @ taking your BEST shots

#2 (Sony RX100) is for random ‘come up for air’ moments, or when you’re out and about (Living your improved lifestyle) in the city.

In which case… You choose the later. Which = > Sony RX100 <  Mostly because it’s compact and easy to carry around.


The two drones inside Travel-curvish

You’ll see two drones listed on our Amazon page.

#1 (The big one/Pro) is weighty. But, it’s functions are ^^^!! Like… It has features that prevent you from crashing the thing mid flight

#2 The smaller ‘creature looking’ one. That has some nice ‘picture taking’ features. Which gets you some oohs and ahhs from those who watch ya footage. And it’s ‘compact’. Which means it’s ideal for TC2.0 trips @ 2-4 hours away from home for 2-4 days


The two speakers inside Travel-curvish

There are no ‘bad’ products per se. But for some items… We like to list a low end AND high end variations. Just like the examples above.

Now… In regards to Travel-curvish 2.0 and ‘coming up for air’ moments…

Any ‘decent’ bluetooth speaker will do the job, in a ‘come up for air’ environment. Or if you’re in a hotel room/bedroom, following an S-curve workout video on your phone/TV.

But… You may find yourself wanting more… In terms of ‘loudness’. When you hit the great outdoors, on ‘certain’ Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Like…


  • When you’re high up, in a hiking type of location
  • When you’re on a boat (The island hopping kind)
  • A wide open beach


And that’s why two speakers have been listed.

#1 ‘Coming up for air’ speaker = > The JBL

#2 Travel-curvish 2.0 speaker = > The Sony SRS-XB41


Just remember… It’s always best to buy things, based on value given, instead of price. For example… The JBL might be cheaper. But if you go for the higher end sony speaker. You have your one speaker, for ALL situations.

And remember… Workouts don’t work on TC2.0 trips. But activities like yoga… DO!

Now play that relevant music :D.


Possible Travel-curvish 2.0 idea

@ 2-4 days away (From home) for 2-4 days…

If you REALLY need to. Let part of the trip, > pay for itself.

Again… Only if you really need to. Because the whole idea of TC2.0. Is to be at complete mind peace, for 2-4 days.


> Where all of this shit began… AND where it’s going!


Note: As an Amazon Associate. We earn from qualifying purchases.
Because of that… We only share and highlight items that have been of great use to us. Or to others within the S-curve Xperience.


Our new Amazon page for ‘The S-curve Experience’
Hit the link in the description to check it out!
We love it. Since we’ve used every item in there, over the past 10 years. So we KNOW you will.


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