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How to feed an S-curve! (And whilst living S-curvishly)

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We have our proven methods of doing things ‘ere. We always have done. And we never have given a fcuk about what’s happening outside of our formulas. Unless the stuff that YOU are doing in your life… Affects it. Like doing slow-go cardio for the long term. Like marathon runs.

In S-curve world… You wouldn’t. You would do that periodically, if you want to look and feel S-curvish. Because not doing so. Will make you look less-curvish @ shrunk butt.

And in regards to supplements… We have always used them. Since publicly helping the masses sice 2009 @ > this back story <.

To simplify this explanation via a product page, like what you’re reading on right now… There’s two main posts that we’ve written, that you should definitely read, in conjunction with buying/using the supplements that you see on this page.


We have…

> High end
– Ingredient focused
– Protocol


@ the type of supplements you’ll see talked about in these two articles…


#1 > High end + Ingredient focused <

#2 > Protocol <

#3 > A MUST read! <

[Optional but worthy reads]


That’s it!

NOTHING in S-curve world is complicated.

You follow everything that you learn above. You win.

And now… For convenience sake…


The official gallery list




_ > Hunter focus < Versus ⬇️

> Mindlab Pro <

> Prime Male < Versus ⬇️

– > Testofuel <

> Lean bean < Versus ⬇️

> Instant Knockout <

> Powher Versus ⬇️

> 4 gauge 


> Whey protein <

> Casein <

> Getting started with CBD oil/products with S-curve world

– Examples of Eating S-curvishly

> Ordering the right foods… In a way that allows you to live S-curvishly!



Prime Male – It works well @ testosterone shenanigans. But with the ‘guys’… We’re mostly using it, for the ingredients page. To teach a lot of the guys how to start reading and using ANY food label… In conjunction with the S-curve meal structure!
> http://www.stayfitbug.com/primemale
So… You all know that the core focus of our main program… Has switch from..
– Workouts
– Physical results
– Mindset
– Therapy
– Nutrition
All of which, fall under 121 coaching shenanigans via Messenger.
That has always been the focus. But not to the masses.
At least not until recently.
People all around the world, need help.
And a lot of folks have started to figure out, what they need help with.
It’s all about finding the right folks to work with. To help one achieve that.
Keyword = Trust
And we do everything in our power. To ensure that you choose us. And not some fools who are just after your cash ONLY. And don’t give a sh*t about you.
Mindlab Pro is the first supplement of THIS type… That we’re testing… In regards to boosting mindset, motivation… And improvements in those areas.
That’s why it’s here!
> http://www.stayfitbug.com/MLP


Again… Both LeanBean and Instant Knockout are designed to do the same thing @ boost the fat burn.
They are both added here. For the same reasons for adding Prime male and Testofuel.
Test, test, test!
Buy small and try… Buy small and try! > http://www.stayfitbug.com/LB
Eating S-curvishly (See S-curve meal structure via the description)
Looks like…
An S-curvish breakfast via Fitbuzzer @mariolarc
– Eggs
– Turkey bacon
– Watermelon
Tweaks to add @ S-curve breakfast ‘complete’
> Brown bread variation (Yup… That’d it)
The formula stays the same. It may change, due to work/sleep hours. You just vary the food types… With the foods that you like… To eat.
It’s quite similar to Prime male, as they are designed to do the same thing.
There are some differences in the ingredients list though. Which is where your eyes should always be. So that you can take each ingredient. And gauge where it will go in the S-curve meal structure (Or just ask us via chat).
We added Testofuel to our list, 5 years ago. And not one person has said anything against it.
The rule in S-curve world… Is to always evolve the supplement list. Not necessarily add more to it. And things do indeed evolve over time.
So the reason for listing both Testo and Prime.. Is to test.
Because if you read the rules in the articles on the description. You’ll see that we buy and try.
Because we do the exact same thing with FOOD!
That… Is how we start to find the right formula… For YOU.
That’s what has been done with everyone since 2014. On the ‘Become an S-curve member’ product in this shop. Take a look!
> stayfitbug.com/TF

We like to have fun with all of this ish though… Just like you can see, in some of the posts in the description.

And so… Hunting for CBD related things like…

Bikini-curvish CBD hunting @carinnhawhite
Bikini-curvish CBD hunting @carinnhawhite
4 gauge pre-workout supplement
We’ll be honest here… This was the only supplement type that we didn’t go ‘all in’ on. Why? Mostly because it’s not as essential as the others on this page. That doesn’t mean it’s not important though. Another reason… Is because most people who need a serious energy boost, outside of the nutrition elements on this page. Tend to be those going for 90-100% S-curvish results… And not the more common… 60% S-curvish and (Short term) happy results. So… Not as many people to focus on, or direct this supplement type to. If you are going to get into it, after leaving this page. Then just stick to the rules. – Read the ingredients – Buy and try



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