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Premium + Digestible newsletter (1-2 times a week)

Something that I’ve heard a couple of times this year now. Which is…

To create/offer a premium + digestible newsletter?

This main newsletter is free. And covers everything that goes on in S-curve world. Whilst serving several other important purposes.

But from what I’ve heard. Some folks want to see a premium newsletter. With each area/topic (Approx 4 different areas) discussed in more detail.

But when the email or notification is received. It will display as bullet points. So that you can digest it. And have the option to choose to read/digest it later.

We’ll test it at 1-2 times a week. And will show up in your inbox or notification. As [Premium].

We’ll start it at > $5.00 a month (This is NOT an auto-payment… Because we are BETA testing this ish out…)


You’ll just be sent to an exclusive/private sign up page after Paypal, and done… To then start receiving it 1-2 times a week.

We’ll start with these 2 topics…

– Weekly blueprint tips (actionable/quick fire/S-curve member) @ the type of tips. The more we talk, the more relevant these can be to you.

– Detailed explanation of S-curve member stories and from the people I meet weekly. And how their stories were/are being solved.


All areas of this premium newsletter include:

 **Blueprint tips (Actionable, S-curve member, quick fire)**

> More in-depth and detailed where necessary (Than what you see occasionally, via the free daily newsletter)

**Weekly ‘What’s trending?’** 

**S-curve member progress stories (And how their problems were/are solved)**

**Weekly wrap up, of everything that has gone in the discussions. Here in my hub (Offline S-curve world). And online in S-curve world**

**Weekly Q & A from the Messenger chats with all followers**

To make this work best for you, over time. Continuous feedback is required. Because it’s brand new.