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Instant Action Feedback Coaching


Becoming S-curvish… It’s a long term lifestyle change (FitBuzzer Stephy since 2012)



We’re about to do is something that I see based on your newsletter activity.

Enter: Instant action feedback coaching

(Trial/Bronze/Gold/CYBAWA members… Ignore this please. You’re in a good place right now. We’re already ‘very’ comfortable with each other. As usual Reply if you need anything though).


That is…

The true ‘no brainer’ individual starter guide for the very new newsletter reader

#1 You look in the mirror and note down every single thing that you don’t like
(No time like the present).

Or just reply in detail, everything that’s going wrong right now.

#2 I give you instant action feedback coaching. Stuff you can act on straight away.

– All via email replies (At least to begin with).

Our ‘conversation’ starter guide will then be converted into an actionable e-document via a website link that you can access from anywhere at any time… Forever!

– There are no videos or calls. This is not tailoring. There are no in depth S-curve
or long term plans. So you can apply the ‘feedback’ to your own current day
shenanigans (You WILL start to succeed… Simple as).


And that starter guide is important. Because the key to super duper long term results and an improved life starts with the right foundation.

I’ve recently talked about putting yourself back on the right ‘path’. The winning path. That’s the no.1 goal of this individual starter guide.

That’s it… Instant action. Now let’s move your butt and get to ‘acting’.


Instant Action Feedback Coaching – Individual starter guide

Only $9.99

Limited Time Only For A Limited Number Of Members!

One Time Payment – Instant Access!


My gift to you

When you take action, start succeeding and at any point decide you want to become a full bronze member… I’ll automatically upgrade you to a gold member at no extra cost. But only if you first enter via this individual starter guide.


S-curve member Pamela’s journey since 2015… It all starts with that first step.

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