Tis the S-curve experience via @fitbuzz

Individual 27 days until butt/shred/abs or else…

Real buttgress doesn’t get much ‘realer’ than this… @ Fitbuzzer Charlie


Change, change, change…

Us humans always fear it. We cry out loud when something interrupts the norm.

But after some time, that change then becomes the norm.



– Watch what babies and kids do ‘after’ they stop crying, when you throw new rules at them (Speaking to you @Fit Buzz/S-curve member mommies).

 – Look at how people react when Facebook changes stuff.

– I remember how I used to act when my mum stopped walking me to school. Scary. But I eventually adapted and then hated the thought of ‘mummy walking me to school’, because it made me look ‘uncool’. Lol. Crazy.


But one thing you learn as a Fit Buzzer/S-curve member, is to embrace change. A lot of it.

Because it’ll happen a lot during your active ‘results’ moments. That’s ‘how’ you get super on-going results.

And today… We’re going to change up stage 2 of the S-curve foundation.


Enter: Individual 27 days until butt/shred/abs or else…

So what’s the deal?


Stage 1 (IAFC) has treat on.

Stage 3 (Lifestyle + Results) has a treat on until 3rd July.

But stage 2 doesn’t (The now previous 30 day trial program).

And… I feel that the previous 30 day trial wasn’t ‘cool’ enough (Thinking… Nah, still not cool enough).

So here’s what’s gonna happen…

You as an individual…. Will experience noticeable boosted butt/shred or abs within 27 days.

Or else… Your 2nd month will be free on stage 3 for the following month (Lifestyle + Results Gold – The program that costs $299.99 for the month)!! Yup.

Ha… The challenge is on!!


But I’m ready. Because I know I’ll win… Watching you win.

Look at this guys face <. He’s ready (Subtle invite to a future S-curve member group dinner).

Yea, yea… The focus is on lifestyle ‘and’ results (And it should be).

But like I said the other day… As a new member… It’ll almost always start with a focus on results.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie, advanced or whatever. Because if you’re starting on the SC foundation, it means you want something to improve (You will always want something to improve… Results or lifestyle related).

So here we are… Domination time.


Individual 27 days until butt/shred/abs or else…


Only $39.99

One Time Payment – Instant Access!