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The goal for the ‘typical’ YOU

You are already fit. A good body shape with body parts that you like. (Butt/Boobs).
Your lower belly is the only area that you need to focus on.
We need to be specific with the exercises. Because if we’re not… You’re going to lose boob size (By approx 1 cup size).
Do the following video every morning or night. It’s just 1 set of each exercise. Which is a 5-10 minute workout. It’s what we call a Tailored Daily Exercise video.
We do it…
– To keep you motivated.
– To maintain your results during busy times.
These videos are always recorded ‘raw’ and in the moment. Because that’s exactly what it’s going to be like, when YOU do them, in your bedroom, hotel room, or wherever the fudge you happen to be.
The goal isn’t to give you meal plans to eat.
That’s unnatural. And you won’t stick to that.
It’s all about taking the foods that you eat… And putting them into the S-curve meal structure.
This works… Because there aren’t any bad foods, per se.
Foods just need to be eaten at the right times. In order to boost results. And prevent an unwanted build up of fat.
The following… Is a list of the foods that you gave me earlier.
They’re being thrown into an S-curve meal structure. Which assumes you work a 9-5 working day.
This can of course… Be changed (There’s 3 other structures that we use)


Carbs (Fast & slow digesting)
Protein (Fast & slow digesting)
Fats (Mono/poly-saturated)







Protein (Slow digesting)
Fat (Mono/poly-saturated)
Fibrous carbs (Leafy greens)
Slow carbs (Optional)




Instant noodles



Cheat snacks


Fruit or nuts

Poop cake (Sometimes… And towards the weekend)


Pre/Post workout

Fast protein and carbs



Slow protein
Slow carbs
Leafy greens


Instant noodles

Pizza/KFC (Early dinner) and towards the weekend only (And after your first 21-28 days)


Night food

Slow protein and some fat



That’s it.
Any future updates… Are crated, based on the outcome of the above.
The 121 messenger coaching chats… Will dictate what kind of payment plan a person moves forward with.
Don’t ‘sell anything yet. Just embrace the above