Tis the S-curve experience via @fitbuzz


Time that you’re wasting… For us to start having fun =


So what’s the ‘deal’?

Do one month of that fall season prepaid option… Working directly with me, up until 31st October (With a focus on nutrition coaching) > @ $100.

We’ll continue on for free, up until Thanksgiving. This is more education and fun focused, than results focused.

I’m taking cheat snack ‘chatter’. Halloween picture reposts to our social pages.

Like this…


And of course… Solid S-curve formula teachings.

And during this time. I’ll be sharing as much halloween related S-curve experience stuff as possible. Via our members, associates, Amazon, or wherever else. Even offline pics and vids from my own shenanigans. It all starts today (Oct 2nd). So the longer you wait. The less time you’ll have for us to start playing with this ish.


To conclude 

If you don’t like Halloween. Then stick to the script that we started writing in September.

But if you’re in for some fun. With unlimited coaching/chats and LIVE member page updates. Then it’s all about Hallow-curvish.

Because it’s unlimited and with 3 weeks extra free, after Halloween. It means that it’s first come first serve.