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LIVE update S-curve member page (This is HOW we can help YOU!)

Yup… 121 chats are great. But we need a place where we can solve your problems. And to then… Document the solutions along the way.

Because that’s the most effective way to prevent you from repeating old habits and mistakes.

That’s what the member page is for.


Topics for problems to solve include:

– Mindset

– Nutrition

– Mental ‘game’

– Business (Within S-curve world)

– Workouts (I left it until last… Because it’s not the most important thing to focus on in 2018)

Now… I recently gave you all the Paypal link. For the $10 start @ those topics listed above.
Which also acts as a way for you to say ‘Thank for motivating me and providing me with a great experience’ (Since I know many of you wake up and tell us this). And if that’s you… I know you don’t necessarily want to become a member (For now).
But…I have another option for those of you who can’t use Paypal.
Many of you don’t have Paypal. But can definitely use Bitcoin.
Send $10 to the following address: 1QGpJwdNw5d9TQm3dJ3gv1XUZobKCsr6kB
Bitcoin… Especially since it’s a part of what we’re doing
That’s all.
Now head over to that icon on the bottom left of this page and chat to me!